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Help Develop a Winning Strategy

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A friend, Pablo Suarez, is running a competition to determine the best strategy for winning in game called “Pay for predictions”. Our goal is to openly and collaboratively help him, by providing some winning strategies for the game. So spread the word!

The game intends to capture real life situations faced by the Red Cross Red Crescent when dealing with natural disasters (e.g., flooding, earthquakes, etc.,.). In keeping with the theme of collaborative problem solving as discussed in the book “Reinventing discovery” by Michael Nielsen and the approach taken to use games for social change, the idea behind this shout-out is to contribute solutions to the challenge.

Towards this, I have setup a Github repo where everybody is welcome to contribute. Do read the guidelines of the competition. It is possible that there is a very simple solution, or one where a simulation can reveal the optimal solution or many or none. The goal here is to demonstrate, much like the “polymath project”, that we can solve something quicker and possibly better collaboratively. We understand that everybody may not have the time or interest, but if you know someone who does, please let that person know.

Further, in keeping with the opensource spirit of scientific computation, I have setup an IPython notebook to simulate the game. Based on the wonderful work of the IPython team and contributors, this notebook can also deliver a slideshow of the evolving solution. If you like Python, please contribute to the notebook.



If you prefer something else, please add your code/document to your fork and send a pull-request. Let us use the Github pull-request system, issue tracker and wiki for discussions.

So come one and come all and help develop a winning strategy. Go fork and contribute!